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As a Session musician in Production Shows:


On Tour (2015-2016)
All For Love (2016)
Off The Charts/Powered by Billboard (2016-2017)


Frozen Planet by BBC Earth for Holland America Line/ original cast as Keys 1 and Keys 2 (2016-2017)

As a Session musician for Guest Entertainers Shows (U.S and international)

Tony Warne (2015), Patrick McMahon (2016), Annie Frances (2016), Annie Gong (2016), Robbie Brooks Willson (2016), Elika Santos (2016), Ben Bacon (2016), Shirley Dominguez (2016), Elliot Finkel (2016), ABBAFAB – ABBA show and Billie Joel tribute show (2016), Robbie Howard (2017), “Lionel Richie experience” (2017), Mike Mentz (2017), Rogerio Tutti (2017), AJ Brown (2017),

As Arranger:

Show for 9p. band for Aleksandr Ivashkevich (2016,2017)

The Old New Thing (performed in Class Jazz Club, Tallinn 2009-2014) – Original Jazz arrangements for NaTa Band and Watch Out Band
More than 700 Leadsheets and Master Rhythms for Estonian artists and Show Agents.

While Candle is Burning (orig. Машина Времени, “Пока горит свеча”):
Arranged by V.K.Lanberg, Recorded live 07th of July 2016, Jõhvi, Estonia

Piano: Viktor-Kristjan Lanberg
Keys: Tõnu Raadik
Tenor Saxophone: Martin Kuusk
Guitar: Kusti Lemba
Bass: Kaarel Liiv
Drums: Tanel Ruuben


In The Shadows (The Rasmus Cover)
Arranged by V.K.Lanberg, Recorded 21st of May 2011, Tallinn, Estonia

Keys : Viktor-Kristjan Lanberg
Bass: Sergei Shegurov
Drums: Mihhail Nikitin
Tenor Saxophone: Artjom Repjuk
Alto Saxophone: Aleksander Paal
Vocals: Viktoria Vasjura

Trust You!
Lyrics : Lissel
Composer: Lissel
Vocals: Sergei Solovjov
Guitar: Kirill Adylin
Arrangement: Viktor-Kristjan Lanberg

Tallinn, Kodulinn!
Lyrics : Bjorn Norralt
Composer: Viktor-Kristjan Lanberg
Vocals: Bjorn Norralt

Tuled Sa!
Composer: Viktor-Kristjan Lanberg
Arrangement: Heini Vaikmaa